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Giving new life to waste material

Steel is the most recycled material in the world thanks to the use of ferrous scrap as raw material. Deltasteel is invested in sustainability and strives to apply the concept of recycling across all its activities. This results in value generated for all stakeholders involved in the production process.
The Group works in close connection with suppliers adding value to the waste materials coming from the integrated and EAF steel production processes as well as downstream processes such as rolling, cutting and trimming.
Recycled products, when properly prepared, can be used as secondary raw material in either steel production or in other minor applications that in today’s economy are growing in interest.
Deltasteel activity is environmentally friendly; it helps reduce the quantity of waste material that needs to be disposed. The reuse and re-evaluation of waste materials benefits the cost reduction of raw material supply and energy savings in the production process.
The Group’s service is based on generating economic value from the waste material of steel mills paying particular attention to processing costs. Deltasteel is proud to be the primary partner of many steel mills recycling their by-products and giving new life to these peculiar materials. 
The final step is the delivery of products that meet our clients specific requirements and optimize the furnace charge.
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